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David & Wendee's Photo Album

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Wendee took this picture of NGC6946 on the night of May 22, 2003.  (Photo Wendee Wallach-Levy and Adam Block, NOAO)

Sunset over Kitt Peak, October 2004.  The McMath-Pierce solar telescope is at left.

David and Wendee at the Palomar 18-inch Schmidt camera, with which Carolyn and Gene Shoemaker discovered 13 comets together.
Photo: Jean Mueller

Observing log: the discovery of David's first comet on November 13, 1984

The Beagle, our family member!

San Diego Council Resolution:  October 3, 1994 was "David H. Levy Day,"  "Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker Day," and "Palomar Observatory Day."

A Letter from the University of Arizona President, after one of my comet discoveries.

Wendee & David and Obadiah, a  Meade 12-inch Schmidt camera.

Wendee looking at Jupiter and Venus, just after sunset.

David with Minerva, one of his telescopes  Photo by Wendee Levy

Honorary McGill Degree

The Volcano Chaser: Parade Cover

David's first telescope cover

David's 1st Observing Session

The Sky translated into Polish