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The Beagle!


Fun Facts about David & Wendee

David is a Talk Show Host! Listen to David's show on the radio or by clicking here
David has appeared on many television shows, like Today (four times), Good Morning America (twice), and World News Tonight, where he and Gene Shoemaker and Carolyn Shoemaker were named "Person of the Week" for July 22, 1994.
David appears each month on "Arizona Illustrated,"  on KUAT, Tucson's local PBS station
David and Wendee Levy live in Vail, Arizona at their Jarnac Observatory with The Beagle. They are both involved in the Jarnac Comet Survey.
David also watches the Sun in various wavelengths, comparing his ground-based view to that of the SOHO spacecraft.
David and Wendee's daughter, Nanette, son-in-law Mark, granddaughter Summer and grandson Matthew live in New Mexico.
Here is a list of all the astronomy courses David has taken!